10 Luxurious Indoor-Outdoor Rooms

10 Luxurious Indoor-Outdoor Rooms

Have you ever wondered what luxury living looks like in Italy?  Thanks to our source Architectural Digest we get a sneak-peek in several upscale Italian homes.  Which one would you live in?

Gym, Sun and Hot Tub with an award winning city view.

Looking for something a little more Tropic?

Tuscany style with a beautiful oceanview.

How modern is your living?

Tropical escape in a simple backyard. If you consider this pool simple.

These statues say it all.

Cozy is the theme here.  Talk about a beautiful getaway.

Modern, Elegant, Classy and Breath-taking all in one.

If you have a big familia this is the vacation house for you.

Lounge with the rest of the best.

To see more picture please go to source Architectural Digest

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