Future Homes We all Will Live in Soon

Future Homes We all Will Live in Soon

Are you ready for the future? Yes, No, Maybe so.  Well lets just say that there are many architects thinking about the future home.  How will it look and function?  What will be stylish and what will be taboo? Here are some pictures of tomorrows homes today.

future homes (10)

Concrete and window palace.  Looks more like a museum but I would so live in it.  I have nothing to hide so I can live in a glass house.

future homes (1)

This might seem a little weird but many homes in Jersey already have this look.  Granted they are commercial spaces too. I really like it.

future homes (2)

Simple and clean a modern way to add green spaces to unused spaced.  

future homes (3)

Reminds me of Vegas and AC. 

future homes (4)

Breath taking is what I have to say.  So simple and clean. 

future homes (5)

I guess it works in Europe.

future homes (6)

Beautiful design for a mall, hotel even a super trendy office space for our friends at 12 month media.

future homes (7)

Very similar to the Harrison NJ projects.  This is a perfect look for the NYC junkie looking for a little lest of the rat race life.  

future homes (8)

??? I don’t know if this is me.  What do you think? 

future homes (9)

Hello super office space.  Now this is hot.

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